Food Drive 2013 Generic logo

The Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive is in its 31st year in Longview, Texas. We are an all-volunteer organization that brings together donations of food to distribute to approximately 1,000 families each Thanksgiving. Since 1985, we’ve helped provide groceries for a Thanksgiving meal to more than 25,000 Longview families.

All the monetary and food donations go directly to these purchases to assist in feeding area families.  The food is distributed to pre-approved families who have completed an application and received an acceptance letter. Left-over food items are distributed to local nonprofit organizations: Salvation Army, Longview Community Ministries, Newgate Mission, and Caring & Sharing.

The Food Drive is held each year on the Monday before Thanksgiving at the Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Complex, 100 Grand Blvd. The food is distributed to the pre-approved families on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

For your use, our tax ID # 75-0904027

Our 2017 Board of Directors:

Charlotte Davis

Bob Graham

Junell Nichols

Mark Dulweber

Jim Albritton

Shawn Hara

Steve Knollenberg

Robert Taylor

James Roberts



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